David J. Wallace

My Story

David J. Wallace is an author, professional keynote speaker, educator, kahu, reiki master, remote viewer, seer, Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner, medical intuitive, and psychic intuitive. He is the found- er of Ha Ki’i Healing and Medical Intuition Methodology and developer of the Picking Winner$ Method of predicting the future. He offers training workshops in healing, medical intuition, predicting sporting events, and choosing winning roulette and lottery numbers.

Kahu Wallace is a retired high school social studies teacher with a BA in Teaching Social Studies, with emphasis in history and psychology, from BYU Hawaii. He has also earned advanced certifications in psychology, an MS degree in Public Administration from the University of Hawaii, and a Master’s of Metaphysical Science and Divinity from the Metaphysical University. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Metaphysical Science.

Kahu Wallace was born on the island of Molokai, Hawaii. He was raised in the Hawaiian Homestead community of Ho’olehua and has been immersed in Hawaiian culture since childhood. After injuring his head by falling out of a moving vehicle, Kahu Wallace began to develop the first of many different skills that followed these brushes with death.

Kahu Wallace is a descendant of ruling chiefs, kahunas, healers, seers, seafarers, navigators, explorers, educators, fishermen, farmers, and warriors. From an early age, he learned to communicate with these ancestors through dreams, visions, and visitations. His ancestors tutored and inspired Kahu Wallace to develop his natural abilities and reach beyond his limitations.


If you want to discover, develop, and maximize your natural abilities so you can realize your soul purpose in life, then finding the right coach to help you achieve your goals should be your top priority. Having the right coach, someone who has walked the walk and un- derstands your struggles and frustrations, will help ease your growing pains.

Let author, educator, psychic, remote viewer, healer, and medical in- tuitive, Kahu David J. Wallace guide you through the process of dis- covering, developing, and maximizing your natural abilities. Since 2014, Kahu David has guided hundreds of clients in establishing their individual practices in several different fields. These fields include psychic readers, educators, counselors, medical intuitives, workshop presenters, healers, energy workers, advantage gamers, and remote viewers. He has also helped enhance the abilities of well-established practitioners.

Take advantage of Kahu David’s specialized talents and abilities today.

To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 30-60-minute con- sultation by phone, email Kahu David at davidjwallace04@gmail.com or text him with your name and time zone at (808) 349-4788.


You can learn to be a healer, medical intuitive, remote viewer, and advantage gamer by enrolling in David J. Wallace’s seminars and workshops, held in Hawaii and via video conferencing. These seminars and workshops are scheduled monthly or can be scheduled on demand by appointment. The following classes are offered:


Learn to be an energy healer and medical intuitive by enrolling in our three workshops. These workshops are designed to provide the energy worker with the skills needed to harness and use pure healing energy to heal and conduct medical scans as a medical intuitive.

Ha Ki’i Healing
This one-day workshop teaches the energy worker how to tap into a pure energy source you can use to heal yourself and others. You will learn to assemble a team of spiritual helpers who will serve as your healing team while you are conducting a healing session. You will also learn a way to cleanse yourself of negative forces that could interfere with your health and wellbeing.

Ha Ki’i Medical Intuition 1
This one-day workshop serves as an introduction to the field of medical intuition. The class’ focus will be developing your ability to sense energy in the human body so you can locate and then describe the source of pain or illness in a person. You will be introduced to reiki and remote viewing and be given practice time to use your developing skills.

Ha Ki’i Medical Intuition 2
This one-day workshop continues your medical intuition training. This time, you will learn how to perform a medical scan by using a proxy. This knowledge will allow you to conduct scans on anyone around the world.


This rigorous training program can lead to official certification as a Ha Ki’i practitioner. Candidates will be required to enroll in all the Ha Ki’i courses and skills courses, and successfully complete a one- year apprenticeship program with the Ha Ki’i Master. Candidates must also pass a final examination and demonstration of skills to receive their certification. Ha Ki’i instructors will be picked from those who excel in this program. Non-certificate-seeking participants are welcome to enroll in any of these workshops.


Learn to be an advantage gamer by learning the best methods and strategies to play the casino games of your choice. David J. Wallace’s workshops for gaming are focused on the following casino games: 4-card keno, slot machines, roulette, and craps. He also offers train- ing in predicting sports and picking winning numbers for the lottery.

For more details and a free 30-60-minute consultation regard- ing David J. Wallace’s workshops and seminars, contact him with your name and time zone via email, davidjwallace04@gmail.com or by calling (808) 349-4788.


“Kahu David Wallace’s Ha Ki’i class is excellent for those interested in learning how to use their intuition and identify areas in the body that may require attention. This class is taught in an easy-to-understand way whether you are a beginner or have had experience in energetic work.”

— Robbi Aranita, Energy Healer


When it comes to choosing a professional speaker for your next event, you will find no one more respected or successful than Kahu David J. Wallace, one of the most gifted speakers of our generation. Since 2015, Kahu David J. Wallace has delivered more than 200 inspirational presentations in the United States, some of which have aired on the radio, internet, and television.

Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, in the United States or abroad, Kahu David can deliver a customized message for your meeting or conference. Kahu David understands your audience does not want to be taught anything, but is interested in hearing stories of inspiration, achievement, and real-life people stepping into their destinies.

As a result, Kahu David’s speaking philosophy is to humor, entertain, and inspire your audience with passion and stories proven to help people achieve extraordinary results. If you are looking for a memorable speaker who will leave your audience wanting more, book Kahu David J. Wallace today!
To view a highlight video of Kahu David J. Wallace and find out if he is available for your next meeting, visit his website at the address below. Then contact him by phone or email to schedule a complimentary pre-speech phone interview.